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 I am Your
Digital Handyman

I am Not Afraid

My drive comes from an unyielding curiosity for technology and to never stop learning, experimenting and keeping an open mind.
My true passion is enabling You, Your Business, or Your Enterprise! - How? I look for nuance (I translate too), and have a desire to "leave no one" behind. Technology should aid Your Outcomes, not the other way around. Are you ready to ditch the playbooks?
Be NotAfraid with me!

The Digital Handyman
Little Curious Digital Handyman

A Technology Expert

Your Business

Small business and needing to see your technology investment returned? Already have vendors and partners assuming you have a Computer Science degree and expect you to help yourself? 

  • I manage those vendors and partners for you. 

  • I broker for an outcome so that you can focus on your mission and cause.

You are finding out that creating compelling and storytelling content for your social channels can be costly.

  • I can create intros, stories, testimonials, product highlights, or mini-documentaries.

  • I share your vision and business outcomes and add my creativity to your cause at affordable production quality.

Are you a non-profit and feeling that access to technology aiding your cause comes with many hurdles and a high cost of entry? 

  • I love to remove roadblocks, especially for a cause I support. 

Your Translations

I describe my translation services in two ways:


Because I translate from English to German and back, and while the internet and many professionals translate for you, I add nuance you won’t get from knowing the vocabulary, good grammar, and accuracy (source proximity). How I ensure an adequate translation?

  • The nuance stems from two decades of living, speaking, writing, and learning American English, all while remaining connected to my home country of Germany.

  • What I add is not reflected in plentiful vocabulary alone, but I understand what it means when “Dorothy clicks her heels,” and I can convey when we are indeed “not in Kansas anymore.”



I am a great teacher because I translate complex technology language for any audience, matched to scope, knowledge, and comfort levels.

  • Training and Content Creation

  • External / Internal / Across All Org. Levels

For You

Is your foundational technology frustrating you?

  • I help with your home network, remote work, or gaming setup.

  • I tackle your internet-connected devices and help you secure your identity. 

Looking for help with promises aspirational tech made to you? 

  • I can work on home automation, media integration, solar and EV charging projects, and help turn aspiration into reality.

Looking for or need help with “on-the-go” tech? Ready to start your “van life” chapter?

  • Two years, 16k miles, and over 70 days of Class-C RV camping across this beautiful country.

  • I relentlessly experimented and pushed the boundaries of technology so you don’t have to.

Your Enterprise

Sorry! While not currently employed at a “legacy day job,” my priority is finding support and stability, allowing me to use my quality time for this journey and re-apply myself professionally only if I sense a chance of belonging.

Feel free to check out my portfolio here or on LinkedIn. (for now)

  • Reach out if you have an “Enterprise” I should hear about or think the two decades of skills and experiences I gained can help you reach your outcomes

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